The Gathering of Sabers

Welcome to The Gathering of Sabers. We are a Saber Dueling club in Upstate NY where fans can get together to learn the saber martial arts, compete in friendly competition, and cosplay.

The Gathering of Sabers is part of the Terra Prime Light Armory system of schools. If you’re not located in Syracuse, NY, visit TPLA to find your local saber club or school.

Latest from the Blog

Saber Tricking

In this series I go over basic to advanced techniques and skills for tricking with a lightsaber. Please help me by Liking and Sharing the video. Thanks for all your support.

Jar’Kai Basic Tech and Applications

In this lesson we take from traditional martial arts to improve our Jar’Kai Lightsaber flow work and sparring. This tech works for long and short sabers. Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed but with enough practice and good footwork you will surely up your odds.As always please wear proper protective gear when sparring.

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